Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier
Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier
Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier
Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier

Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier

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Thanks to its special structure, the White Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier will help you with a fit form. For long-term use of our product without losing its properties, please follow the instructions for use and washing. Our product will not disturb you in daily use with its light, breathable structure. It offers a comfortable use with its comfortable quality structure. If the care and storage conditions are provided correctly, you can use this product made of high quality fabrics for a longer time. Take care to wash the product with products of the same color by turning it upside down during the washing process.


Care should be taken not to leave it wet or wet for a long time. You can immediately order the most suitable one among thousands of White Modal Cotton Padded Bustier. Our product is 100% domestic production. No harmful materials are used in the production of our products. Our product for bustier underwear will help you with a stylish fit look. With its special type of fabric model, it has a structure that prevents your body from breathing and sweating.


White Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier Product Features

Care should be taken to follow the instructions for use in the washing and ironing part of the product. For products with lace details, if the first wash is done by hand, the product may last longer. You will look much more stylish with this model, which will be your savior in your daily life. Our product has a 100% original quality structure. In addition to its comfortable use, it will add an elegant look to you. Our product will help you feel freer and better by making a difference for you.


White Modal Cotton Padded Bustier products, which are highly preferred in bustier clothing , will reshape your underwear world. You can order our products with peace of mind for a healthier, fit and elegant appearance. Our products are produced in a way that will not disturb you in accordance with your daily activities with completely comfortable use. Finding the right underwear is like finding your soul mate. Our products will be your soul mate.


  • 100% Original
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Product SKU: MI1425002
  • Gender: Female
  • Product Color: White
  • Model Code: MI1425
  • Product Type: Bustier


White Emay 1425 Modal Cotton Padded Bustier Materials Used

In our product, cotton is used together with Cotton with its comfortable structure and Modal with its durable properties similar to silk. There is also Lycra with its strong and elastic structure.


47% Cotton
  • Cotton.
  • It is comfortable.


47% Modal
  • Similar to Silk.
  • It is durable.


6% Lycra
  • Strong.
  • Elastic.

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